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whatacharacter’s Real name (really): Greg Humes

hartsm.jpg“a man in search of his logo”

An artistic, 40something-ish, illustrating, painting, 3D animating, coffee-guzzling, spirit-swigging, guitar-strumming, cosmic cosmologizing, Scot-Irish American Seattlite gadabout/lazabout, family guy.

before time warp:


after doing time warp (again):


I dedicate this humble blog to all Artists. Peace.
To you who know it, and those yet to discover where it lies,
we are all artists called to create some beauty at least
from the pain, colors, shapes, and joy of our lives.

In future lines I’ll draw from dark and light
to paint in many sweet and bitter hues,
occasionally telling in pixels and bytes
varied shades of this artist’s story and news

Despite my bumbling stumbling or grumbling
I hope to either inspire or merely fascinate
with humor and provocation, but never pretension
And allow you who read to reciprocate

Also importantly gathering mutual support,
lifting sagging spirits and tired arms
so together we’ll share heavenly crowned laurels,
not suffer alone beaten brows from worldly harms

Stand by for some sailing thoughts to endure
and imaginative multi-storied meanderings.
I embark, an innocent waif at an age mature
upon new life-changing creative quest-things!

I have much to say and do and dance and sing
But still I must sleep, and so must you owing
To time which never rests, so let’s shove off this shore
And get to where we’re going.



1. dreamsleftbreathing - November 2, 2006

i like your words here, i relate to them fondly, they flow and fold nicely in the wedge of my mind
alone is no fun place to be, when there are others with which to share our joys and trials and beauty.
a blessing it is
to artists..

2. alistair - January 19, 2007

yes, to artists……….brave enough to begin each day anew, uncertain, yet comforted finally that it is enough to be at peace with what we see and hear and feel……..

even if we are only fooling ourselves by thinking we understand the merest part of it.

we can actually make what we will of it all.

3. Glass - March 30, 2007

Hmm… sweet! [*../nice_site2.txt*]

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