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Reborn again June 13, 2008

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Reborn again
as re-posted from mymyspacespace:  myspace.com/somedaysunlight

* * *
A portion of an ancient celtic poem “The Book of Taliesin” forms the inspiration for these lines. http://www.maryjones.us/ctexts/t07.html (near end). I borrow just 2 or 3 allusions, recreating them with personal meaning and infusing them with new reference and with rhyme, copying only the very first and last line. Seers who would peer into future possibilities, must first be aware of the past. To know where one is to go, one must know whence one came. History is the power and authority behind todays steps, for our yesterdays form our tomorrows.

* * *

The second time I was created
I was a salty wave which kissed the shore
I was a leaf shading the oak that bore me
I was a cougars’ roar

I was a spawning salmon living only for my children
I was a falcon winging o’er crag
I was a roe buck clinging to mountain
I was the noble stag

I was a treasure beneath a rock
I was a digging spade
I was a key that fit the lock
I was an ever glade

I was a double-edged sword
for a year and a day
before I was a short-lived flame
I was a dogwood bloom in May

I was a web-weaver
so too I was a fly
I was the sweetest honey comb
I was a horse you could not ride

I was a brave young bull
I was a field of clover
I was a freshwater spring
that bubbled up and over

I was a blackberry once
despite my many thorns,
my enemy the blue jay swallowed me
in nine months I was reborn

I was forsaken until I was taken
and borne upon the living word
I became a river of life
and so I was restored

I was once a Woolly Bear
and in just one life I gave
the chrysalis but not a grave
and so a butterfly became

Ever child, born of woman
today with princely strive
I am now a man
I was dead, I was alive



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