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Assuming assumptions August 1, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs, mind, useful.

One key to educating yourself is UNlearning as much as learning. An important lesson for me in personal growth, is observing how so many people have set sincere beliefs in something which are either misguided, out of focus, or pure delusion. Self-deception is amazing and rampant. Me included.

Also amazing is how my work assignments often reflect these topics.

Below are 2 Flash pieces I did on Freud’s ideas and influence on society …


freud.jpg Freud was revolutionary in changing how we see ourselves, our thoughts, and behaviors – not that he knew or figured out everything . . .
But we are only human, so patience, and a sense of humor is required when turning on a healthy skepticism within our critical reasonings, and self examination.

Plus, as I often suggest, keeping a zen-approach by quieting the over-reaching, sense-of-it-all-making rational mind, while pleading to the heavens for guidance, seems to help . . . somewhere a lock clicks open.



1. alistair - August 15, 2007

the zen-approach is the only way to get through the day sometimes.

to know that is to gain strength,and to experience it while in the moment is to be truly grateful.

a friend of mine says that all will be provided for, just have faith.

he has never been wrong.

2. greg - August 16, 2007

I’ve been reading The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts ( I recall you are a Watts fan?) and he makes an unusual contrast between belief and faith.

beliefs are conditioned constructs of the intellect, where faith is more an open hopeful embrace of life.

we aren’t prepared to trust the latter more than the former, since belief makes sense in dogmatic rational ways (once one pushes it there), and faith almost runs counter to that.

… it’s good to understand the difference – while we’re still sorting it all out 😉

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