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Just my blog July 2, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Now back from a week “back East” to deal with property issues and carpenter ants swarms. It was a lot of hard work in some incredible heat (and I just packed one pair of shorts, and literally lost 8 pounds!) but I did enjoy seeing old friends, meeting some interesting people, taking some refreshing after-work dips in the Atlantic, and treating myself to a few excellent meals of New England’s best. I’ll post some pics soon.

Ever notice how a day takes up 100% of your time? Time is a bane, but it seems to banish when you’re focused deeply on something.

Concentration on important matters which are “real,” transports us to a different level of existence. Every artist and magician knows this. It is said enlightenment is the perception of 1/100 of a second.

Meanwhile, time slows down, but constantly ticks away in the background. Therefore redeem the time you have left with serious, penetrating, thought.

It’s not about “finding yourself,” but releasing false impressions, opinions, ideas … and self-deception … and seeking the truth. The universe helps us along, whenever we break through the limits of time, and expand into eternal notions of reality.

Love knows no limitations.



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