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Back to basics pt 2 – The Rational Mind May 31, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.


Life is full of oxmorons, which is pretty ugly, unless accidentally on purpose you discover that it’s awfully good. One of those great apparent contradictions in the spiritual realm of discovery is how to accept the ideal of Non-duality. How can All be One, harmonious, inclusive capsule of Life, when we still suffer and witness daily destruction and division?

What I’ve discovered is how we misuse the rational mind. We’ve gone hyperdrive with our thought processes to insist on distinctions, delineated borders, and assign good-bad value judgements to everything that confronts us (antidote: classic zen!). Certainly many moral distinctions are a necessity, and if some folks long ago didn’t devote their intellect to the scoping and cataloguing of the cosmos, I wouldn’t be here writing this to the world on a computer.

– Reason is needed for survival in temporal affairs and making those critical choices to progress in daily life. The rational mind is for the service of our human hearts, but serve us too well … it does (my best Yoda impression). In fact it takes over, and tends to create a huge irrational mess.

Without knowing how to stop the thinking side of our brain enough to engage our intuition and deep spiritual insincts (for fulfillment), instead we become news-junkies, trivia buffs, sports stat freaks, and oh the fascion glamour of celebrity gossip! To top it all off, the shit we spew out of our mouth, before we even know what we said, and are powerless to stop this neural verbal barrage (think of the irrational way swearing takes over!) – and so we shrink and waste away our potential, clogging our cranial pathways with banal TV and cultural cholesterol.

Humor is so great to perplex that narrowing, confining ego process. It’s silly and perplexing and we know we like it for some reason – enough to think that cute furry animals have senses of humor too, since we think they’re so funny. The mind expands for a second.

Horror and suspense movies are good like that. Nothing like seeing some zombies to make you want to go later hug your loved one, and think about your life.


Getting out in nature, or heading out of town for a fresh perspective is healthy.

Meditation is good too. I never could have acheived any sort of detachment without having had the experience of living in a practicing zen co-op house for a year.

Without the ability to set aside the ponderous thinking mind for a moment, one can become mired in half-thoughts, obsessive intellectualization, and compromizing rationalization. Gone too far, the brain refuses to see the paradox that sometimes perplexing illogic is sometimes logical, just as excessive moderation requires a bit of moderate excess.

This is just to get the juices of life flowing. Give your dried out brain a rest sometime, and dig a little deeper. Behind the intellect (and emotions as well) there is a well spring of something refreshing and new.

It’s all about one thing, Curley. Just one thing
(actually it’s 3, but they add up to 1)



1. alistair - July 8, 2007

i have been re-intruduced to osho recently by way of my new friend tanya who, other than being distractingly blonde and beautiful, is reading a book by rajneesh (osho.)

after a wonderful coffee and discussion about things of the spirit with tanya i hurriedly went to youtube to look for some video of mr. osho and sure enough i found…….

this reading of an old comedy routine by george carlin is masterful and goes to your comments about humour and the expansion of the consciousness.

i think that the odd swear-word has a similar effect.

2. whatacharacter - July 11, 2007

I agree a well timed cuss has a huge affect. One of the only times Bush ever appeared “real” was when he was taped saying to Blair that Hezbollah needed to “stop this shit.”

As for Osho (had no idea he changed his name), I can only quote W.E .Butler from his excellent book “The Magician, his training and work,” when talking about Aleister Crowley in his bibliography section:
“It will be seen that none of the writings of that strange being Aleister Crowley have been listed herein. This is because, whatever the value of his teaching, and there is much of real value therein, his literary style is so uneven, descending from sumblime heights to the depths of grossness, that he is no guide for the beginner in these matters.”

Thats how I think of those 2: uneven and gross, but I like the rashneesh tarot deck, and it sounds like you had a nice conversation anyway 🙂

I do appreciated however the occasional “expansive” effect on thinking by reading something contrary or contrasting. It’s like travelling to an exotic land and benefiting even at the expense of trashing ones sandals often from walking in all the shit.

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