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Life so symbolic May 20, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.


Earlier, I used the standard international symbols for Off/On/Off, as


to symbolize basic reality – just like an electrical appliance.
Also consider the binary equivalent 1 and 0 for on and off – just like a digital memory.

How convenient.

However, as a left-to-right progression, with the introduction of Time, it might make sense to to connect the 2 ends with a middle horizontal line:


but this is only a partial glimpse at the reality, and is a minus, or negative,

so while bridging the ends, we can also aspire to add significance to existence by adding the upright, thus creating a positive!


For me, it is necessary to complete a simple graph of life in this way.

But to what can we aspire, while we follow the flat line from our temporal beginning to it’s flat-line (EKG) end?

Simply the truth.

Ha! What is truth? That notion – whether genuinely questioning or merely cynical – existed long before any 21st century post-modern relativist, being uttered for the record by Jesus’ condemner, the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, 2000 years ago.

Before anyone thinks they have me tagged as a christian, let me simply point out the fact that all over the place, people believe in something, that has no basis in reality. Whether they think they’re a great singer and should be America’s Next Idol, or think they can drive home no prob after Tequila shooter Night, or think they should rule the world, people are simply mistaken about a lot of things. Self-deception is a rampant disease, and often our best friends are no luckier that we are, so where do we turn?

If I were you, I’d plead to the heavens for some ultimate reality. There is evidence on the record that this has worked to point folk to Truth.

What ever it does, it gets us closer to finding the meaning in our lives.

Truth = freedom
Look up. Reach. Climb. Ascend. It only helps to get a better view.



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