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Back to basics May 17, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Blogs are great, blogs are good, and we thank you for this food.

I love how often online discussion will spur me on to verbalize what’s going on inside my head. Despite no time to really be doing this, I need to get it out …

How firm a foundation do we stand on to tackle life’s meaning, and our purpose in it?

The most basic formula, I think, comes down to these symbols found on many modern appliances:

O | O

off – on – off

not alive – alive – death

We have a beginning, middle and end. This much is obvious.

Where we each diverge is assigning value to it.

Is it:

nothing – something – nothing

non existence – existence – non existence?


Union – Separation – Union?

This is our choice … what we need to get our brains and intuition working on to figure out, while we are stuck here.

Is this it, is this enough, or is there more?

What does history, society, and our individual selves tell us? This Flashy-thingy I did for work sort of addresses this …
(to be continued…)



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