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Born again mystified organized May 10, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

For several years now, I’ve been trying to get my life beyond a somewhat orderly clump, to create a highly efficient, lean mean organizational machine. When I’m not being pulled here and there by the forces of family and the universe, there actually has been some progress getting mundane stuff (chores, house projects ) checked off my list – some have been copied and recopied onto to-do lists for years.(!)

All this a good thing, with good goals: be a nurturing father, supportive husband, and become a joyful artistic success – while unlocking the mystical keys to existence, and producing the unbounded elixir of creative life-force, thus healing all ills of humanity.

The rub thereby lies in balancing the family life with the ideals I’ve set before me. At this stage, I’d be happy without the unlocking and producing, and just “become a joyful artistic success.” And now is the critical time … my life will from here on actually depend upon it.

I have a hard row to hoe before me, and patience, support, and energy aren’t improving, unfortunately. But none of that can matter now.

“My sketch group” seems to have fizzled to a ZERO interest proposition (after 2 fun, productive meet ups), which is very disappointing. Just move on and keep up my contacts with the 2 new artist buddies who still return my calls.

Then there’s the home life where things are definitely frazzled to Koyaanisqatsi. It’s near impossible to find the balance on a routine basis to manage a family with 4 people running around, work part-time, re-re-re-re design my website (yes, that time again), focus on a new career … and have time for relaxing/reCreative outlets. Which are mere amusements, and which is valuable time spent?

I have yet to find anyone out in space – cyber or otherwise – who has dealt with anything similar. Usual creative pundits-with-family, were smart enough to start their career first, and find their focus early on. I’m still struggling, and complaining about it for a year now on this blog …

So, what to do? Risk & hope for luck … the true foundations of the american capitalist dream. Working & learning … I guess I still need more of it, plus some real time management to squeeze the creative juices out of each day.

My work contract ending in September is compounded with the sobering prospect that future times will require me to earn considerably more, to support our fancy suburban lifestyle. I vote “pitch it all and move to the country” … but it’s not just me making that decision.

Council before active operation. But I’ve got no one to discuss this with, and I definitely need a new captain for my brain-ship, coz this one’s drunk at the wheel.

It’s just hard to move forward, when the earth and heavens are shaking so much.

Keep tuning in, because I’ll keep trying to record my artistic progress, and share the notions which keep me going in heart, art, mind, and body.

” What can I do
we just live in a zoo
all I do is play
the spaceball ricochet … oh mama, the spaceball ricochet … oh baby, the spaceball ricochet … ” – T Rex



1. bev - May 10, 2007

Came across your blog and yes, there are people who make career changes and discover what they really want to be when they grow up. A life coach can walk you through a personality profile (who you really are in the core of your being) and how to turn your preferences into a career you love. People go through this all the time, so don’t feel like you’re alone. You can talk to a coach in person or by phone. I’m one of those life coaches, but you would probably prefer a guy. Don’t lose hope – this is a very normal thing to experience.

2. greg - May 10, 2007

Thanks Bev – yeah it’s good to know the anxiousness is a normal thing. I made sure I got out today to visit an artist bud who was able to commiserate with me …I wonder if there are artistic creative coaches who are willing to work on spec or pro bono!? 😉

Yes, there’s always hope!

3. alistair - May 21, 2007

well, you have to ask yourself what you want…………

if you don`t know then how do you know when you get there?

4. whatacharacter - May 22, 2007

Well, of course! There’s no sense having a fully stocked, rigged to sail, tradeship just sitting in the water … but if running a family is like running a ship, then I failed the admiralty.

But its good to be reminded to be “keep the eye on the prize.” I ‘ve set a course navigating towards commercial art work with 3D … and plying the currents of intuition and winds of good fortune, to get through the high seas. Success: the Deadliest Catch!

5. astepoutside - June 14, 2007

Yes it is hard to juggle a new artistic career and a family. I’m still struggling to find the balance myself, trying to find time to write and still be a good dad and husband and work a 9-5 to keep paying the bills.

Its the universal struggle of the middle class i think. Aspirations of greatness but feet stuck in the realities of market capitalism.

6. whatacharacter - June 15, 2007

Nice to know there are others like us out there!. Thanks for the comment!

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