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Creativitality and Response Ability April 20, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

A great quote from one kreative Keri Smith

Words of advice for those pursuing their creative goals.
“Begin Now. Dream big. Keep moving forward. Research. Acknowledge successes. Connect with others on the path. Work at loving yourself. Trust. Cry (it’s o.k.) Connect again with others. Trust. Let go. Take time to fill yourself up again (down time). Reinvent when necessary. Trust.

Oh, I should also mention this one … All of my best ideas come when I am in the midst of playing or letting go. That relaxed state when we are not attached to outcomes, trying to impress, or needing to do good work. It took me many years (and a lot of bad art) to figure this one out. I’m still working on it.”

Me too!



1. Brooke - April 30, 2007

Thanks, I needed this reminder.

Trust. That word has been coming at me from all directions these days. Hmm, maybe that’s significant. Ya think? 🙂

2. alistair - May 3, 2007

be at play…….as much as you can.

the creativity will take care of it`s self.

the indoctrination we all go through from childhood breaks all but the strongest artisitic will.

fight back with childlike joy.

3. greg - May 10, 2007

Hi Brooke – yep, trust that it will somehow work out. It helps to be grateful too I think, because shit could be so much worse.

Alistair – nice to see you! I appreciate what you say, tho’ the first part is semi-simplistic. Creativity also takes alot of work, and there’s that stupid need for money and survival. This is the gyst of everything I hope to explore here soon … thanks for coming back!

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