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A Sketchy Group March 11, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, just my blogs.

Recent developments, and one hopeful sign of progress, includes my taking the initiative to do what I’ve longed for for years: create a group of creative colleagues to get together and mutually inspire one another. Of course, not running in any artistic circles was a major impedance, until I met a few talented new-media artists in the past year, from my 3D program, and at work.

I’ve hopefully managed now to form a core of 5-7 individuals to get together every other week or so, to socialize, drink, and sketch. Last weekend was actually out first meeting, which I hosted at my home. Not a whole lot of art happened, but it was good enough for everyone to meet, nosh, schmooze, and go with the flow… and plan to to it again next weekend at another’s home.

While some might seek a rigid plan and purpose, I just want to keep our gatherings informal for now, and have an excuse to break out my pencils and pads and draw whatever … it’s good to keep the “hand” up and in shape! Digital tablets are as welcome as sketch books, and we plan to venture to hang out where ever space or weather permits.

Will it be possible to keep the group going? I hope so. It promises to become a hot house of creative fires, and in my life at least, helps ease to frustration of artistic pursuits mixed with a complicated lifestyle.



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