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It’s nice to vent on blogs January 28, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Hopefully I haven’t vented too much to reveal anything like a flakey artsy-fartsy personality. It’s been a challenging road to focus when I have so many interests, and trying to rebuild a career while navigating the rocky shoals of managing myself, family and household.

smilez.jpgActually, things are going pretty well! I guess that’s why blogging has taken a back seat to real life. I firmly remain an “optimistic realist” in my outlook, and grateful that I’ve enjoyed some tremendous opportunities to continue learning and getting a healthy dose of entertainment out of it all. This is as close to the rock bottom strata of the “reason for life” that I can find … that and caring and providing for my family, while “seeking first the kingdom of God.”

It feels great to be back in shape, and really getting real. I’ll continue to build on my artistic endeavors … and occasionally vent here when the inevitable challenges arise. Thanks for bearing with me.



1. dreamsleftbreathing - February 1, 2007

vent away…in any form.
honesty is a pair of glasses that helps us realize we are all bound together as a human race, that at the core we are all made of the same stuff; and helps us to be commpassionate, first to ourselves, and then to others.
(nice smiley)

2. alistair - February 17, 2007

blogging kept me sane when some shit hit the fan recently and while that door is finally pulling shut, i find i enjoy the process of interacting with people in this way and so press on with interjections here and there.

3. Elise Tomlinson - March 8, 2007

My blogging has taken a back seat lately too…that’s happened to just about every blogger I know at some point or another. I’m getting back into it again though (I think)…

btw, did you read over at Hollyism that she’s considering moving to Seattle?

cool eh? Even though I never made it, I’m happy to have stayed in Juneau. Anyway, just wanted to pop by and say HOWDY!

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