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Hello 2007 January 2, 2007

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.


I hope everybody enjoyed a safe happy new year’s celebration. My wife and I attended a fun party at a friends, then came back early to keep an eye on the kids hangin out at home.


2007 is shaping up to be a time of major change I think, both globally, and for me personally. I’ve somehow managed to acquire a sense that I am a quintessential everyman living in these times in America. Don’t ask me how I rated such a fine assessment of myself – it has nothing to do with being Time Magazines’ Person of the Year– but I’ve managed to keep my eyes open, and I’ve seen and experienced a great deal since being born in 1962, a landmark year in my humble opinion. I landed at a crossroads – a bridge – just days before the potential armageddon of the October Cuban missile crisis. Plunged into a dark world of despair, it was a huge relief that my first developed senses followed the course of Springtime, when everyone in the world breathed easier and with a new found appreciation of life.


It’s no head-scratcher then to figure that at this mid-stage in life, the sobering weight of past decades of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s has me ridin the new wave of desperation, to avoid the pitfalls of too much American self-indulgence, and recapture some youthful verve and sense of purpose. It must be that crisis stage America’s at that has me bummin’.


With this in mind, I debate that validity of daily blogging, and alleviate my guilt for not keeping up with it. A blog is great for someone with some established expertise on something, but with me, it’s more like I’m swimming around trying to figure out what’s happened to me and where I stand. Just like America my friend. I have some super insights, and a decent heart, but man, all the time I’ve wasted and squandered. But that’s all got to change.


This year I’ll be picking up my very first pair of eyeglasses, so I can better work on the computer, and read books and write. Oh well, it’s time, finally. I can’t see exactly like I used to, and require the minorest of corrections. I still have all my wisdom teeth, and as long as I continue with my steadily acquired daily flossing skills, I may be able to keep ’em a few more years.


My good heart will need routine maintenance to avoid what could be my first surgery experience – a small zap to a tiny portion of the heart muscle which seems to sometimes beat to a different drummer. I’ll increase my heart rate, and raise my “good” cholesterol (my total cholesterol is way low, which is good). Cardio workouts are a near-daily must now, which means no more months of on-and-off again training, but constantly trying to wear out our Ellipical cross-trainer.


Also diet needs attention, so if I can avoid too much pasta and fried rice (a harsh reality working in the Chinatown), cut down alkyhol from moderate to barely, and continue to enjoy clean livin’, I should be feeling pretty good and get some energy to go with my desperate artistic resolve.


It’s all an art. I can no longer just philosophize about it, or review the theoretical science of it which I’ve spent a lifetime imagineering. Art is not art unless it is put into practice. That’s what hopefully this blog is all about: my actual art (spinkled liberally with my insights, both stunning and stoopid), now primarily 3D character illustration and animation.


In the future I’ll resolve this year to stop the whining about the lack of actual art produced and if I cant post anything real, I won’t.



1. RR - January 6, 2007

A good new year to you. Isn’t age a strange thing. We never do feel it creeping up on us. I too am off to get glasses – I fear bifocals may be the answer, the wrinkles around the eyes get deeper and photographs of me I hated years ago because I thought I looked old, now appear to show me looking young. My blogging has halted for a moment because personal issues would just make it too difficult to write but I really miss not being able to share things with people I feel are my blog friends – but no-one could take the amount of whinging I would want to write 😉 My art has taken a back seat recently and I do hope that 2007 will see this change again. I enjoy your art, whether it’s graphics or writing, so please do keep it going. Let’s hope your exercise for your heart works a treat and that you can resolve the problems without surgery and too many pills. It sounds like you are on the right track. All the best for this and many more years to come. Take care.

2. whatacharacter - January 6, 2007

Hi Red – I’m honored to get your mini-blog in a post, and hope what ever it is works out for you this new year. Once the hustle bustle of Hogmanay is over and Auld Lang Syne is done being sung, may things settle down for you. Hope the new job is working out and everyone is adjusting to the smaller nest now. Relationships are always tricky, but always remember the scuba gear if you can’t keep above water!

I noticed your entire site was down now. Hope you will again feel free to blog, if you enjoy to.

What is your flickr site? You can always email it to me at gadzookys at, earthlink dot net.

May the best ye hae ivver seen be the warst ye’ll ivver see. Bliadhna mhathùr!
– Greg

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