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Rotatarotora October 12, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

The last thing I remember

when I slipped into the light

were the shades I popped on

since it was so bright.

The first thing I forget

when I wake from my bed

is to put my head on straight

to be raised from the dead.

Days spent awandering,

wondering, and gazing above

scanning below for the truth

God, hope, and love.

Too quickly colors go grey

in tricks of the night

I must play out the game

and muster my might.

The skies open up

I fall into day

stand here I must

and figure out what to say.


Always lots to think about, especially at harvest. Here’s hoping we have all stowed away enough for the winter. With frail humanity often displaying remarkable resilience, still it seems to crumble, as common destiny allows. Well, I’m not there yet, despite being a heart beat from eternity, still, as another solar revolution approaches, I find I’m still in the bind I’ve been in for years. Here’s hoping before decrepitude sets in, age will grace me with some much needed wisdom in the coming new year of life, even as “the leaves are falling all around” – I guess it’s time to ramble on …



1. dreamsleftbreathing - October 15, 2006

i’ve been wanting to send u a comment, but can’t quite rearrange my words to say something edifying some days. it’s a pleasant surprise to click on your blog and find poetry staring back at me. poetry is hiding everywhere, if think about it hard enough. i am still letting the change of seasons sink in, more like letting the chilly cold air sink into my bones. i’ve revolted against running any heat so early in the season, and decided to face the coming winter chill head on, or sweater on. i’m training myself to be cold, as one must here in southwest wisco. It’s turning out to be a valuable life lesson. i think the things we strive to understand come to us when we least expect them. if they seem to be elusive, prayer is effective in bringing them near. gratitude for things had also does wonders…just some thoughts. peace

2. greg - October 16, 2006

Hi – always a pleasure to read your thoughts, poems, and comments. Thanks … it just so happened to be my birthday when you posted, so it’s a double pleasure! 🙂

I hope by the end of the month it isnt’t so cold in your home that you are actually able to *see* your “dreamsleftbreathing” !! ha

3. dreamsleftbreathing - November 2, 2006

haha. i hope it’s not that cold, either. that would be something, though, wouldn’t it…
ahh..God/the universe was directing my actions again. i am glad to have caught your birthday. i hope your day was surprising and wonderful. oh, i love those little surprises!

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