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Hitler! September 15, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in humor, just my blogs.

Nope I’m not drunk, nor anything close to nutzi. Just figured this a natural follow-up on the previous discussion on the nature of God and associated spiritual matters. Like the old joke how you know you’ve had too much to drink when the conversation regresses to views on God and/or Hitler, I guess I’m naturally inclined to such deep introspective notions without the tequila shots.

So, here tis: Hitler was a very,very,very,very,very,very,very baaaaaaad man, and I find most people agree. An interesting quote from a metal musician of a dark gimmicky genre goes “people may not agree on what’s good, but everybody knows what’s bad.”

Profound. Often I find that by allowing oneself the awareness of the antithesis of a matter, ones gains a better understanding of the the opposite focus.

Quite a few folk I know, myself included, approached a faith in God coming out of a dark, negative metaphysical outlook, i.e., if there’s evil, then there’d better be good too!

An excellent piece in this weeks Newsweek An Alternative September 11 History” by Jonathan Alter, illustrates this by painting a picture of what it would be like now, had Prez Bush made some decisions along the way that made sense. Nothing quite hi-lighted his mistakes better than viewing the alternative. So too, it stoked my ire to a greater degree.

But what about necessary evils … such as roof-of-mouth ripping Cap’n Crunch, aerobic excercise, … and AOL Instant Messenger?

I finally got AIMed because at work it’s the de facto communications channel. I had been aware of the evil potential of this tool, from hearing the constant annoying “BOODLY-BOOP” my kids responded to, plus the decrepit level of “l33t” semantics one is required to sink to.

Conversation at the office is now largely supplanted by this tool, when one could just as simply turn around, or lean over the cubicle wall to directly ask a human question. Really, is asking “Excuse me but…?” any less intrusive than a “BOODLY-BOOP?” Heck, no one hardly even uses email anymore.

Anyhoo, I am now gregoogly on AIM, and there most mornings and afternoons, if anyone wants to endure some very sloppy sparse typing from me. At least the distant communication benefit I can better accept.



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