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Best for you! September 7, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in humor, just my blogs, life.

Best for you Best for you Best for you.

It’s written all over the quirky Chinese greeting card we got this summer.

“Only the person

cherish ones youth

He is the most beautiful person in the world. ”

Only a drunk Confucius could have said it better … cherish it because just as the summer ends and the flower fades, so goes life. That’s the gist of the physical part of it, and I’ve been feeling it a lot lately.

I wasn’t quick enough to save the Hotmail account I’ve had forever. Fully aware of the 30 day log-in or die expiration, I managed to lapse and lose years of emails I’ve hoarded. I bet I missed it by a day too. Everything changes, nothing’s permanent. My memory fails to recall if I’ve even lost anything special … probably just a lot of old jokes.

Even as I complete another Solar revolution next month, my vow will be to remain the most immature 40-somethingish year old alive, while cashing in on a wealth of experience. I guess I’m hitting real middle-age now, and it’s probably time to get real, having spent my twenties acting 30s, and my thirties acting 20s. The 40s are the 40s.

Like the waning days of summer, the 40s are full of desperate energy among busy bees, and graceful loss of chlorophyll in trees.



1. RR - September 8, 2006

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Haven’t you heard? The 40’s ARE the new 20’s so banish all those thoughts or hopes of acting with any sort of of maturity and embrace your second decade, again…….but this time with much more…well…maturity! It’s remaining an immature 40 something, (or a mature 20 something) that keeps you young!!!???? I want everyone to grow old disgracefully, so I can enjoy my own ageing process with less guilt 😉

2. greg - September 9, 2006

Thanks RR I didn’t know that, although I am aware due to my 86 yo mothers behaviour, that octogenarians are the new teenagers. She’s spending the summer with no electricity, running water, or phone, living in a modified school bus on a mountain in Idaho, with a man 25 yrs younger!

… parents these days! =O

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