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Alias:Jaggy September 2, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, humor, just my blogs, life, mind.

A true moment of creative fun occured at work last week. I made a small animated GIF illustrating the natural conditions for Lightning. 187821_clouds3.gif I haven’t made an animated GIF since unleashing animated hobbits upon an unsuspecting world 5 years ago, and am extremely grateful the process has improved. Using Adobe ImageReady for the first time, it enabled me to keep the anti-aliased (smoothed) transparent qualities of Photoshop, which was hard do do way back when. Photoshop used to be the last choice. In the dark ages, a jagged aliased edge was required for a good transparent background, otherwise some color, usually a default black or white, would bleed into the image edge, creating a fringe, known as the dreaded “jaggies” as can be seen around the dancing Hobbit lass. missy.gif Since I was too lazy to pick off each stray pixel, I aliased her against the purplish Hobbitdance background, which is probably why no one ever stole my dancing hobbits to use in Myspace … the jaggy purple fringe looks terrible against any other background.

On a personal skew, the same analogy applies (or is it a metaphor/ alliteration/simile?) : by smoothing out life’s unwanted jagged edges – and there are many – I can better fit into the scene. This means that spiritual, professional and financial laziness, and unhealthy habits, I think, are creating an unattractive, badly-animated, me. Unfortunately no Photosoulshop exists. I must rid the jagged pixels one-by-one. Tedious, but there’s no easy way that I know of … the self-examined life is full of jaggies.



1. RR - September 3, 2006

Ah, that’s how lightening works. Great GIF. However, the dancing lass is making me dizzy – She’s great! Can I pinch her to put on my blog? (will give you credit of course).

2. greg - September 4, 2006

HI RR – I hope that’s how lightning works! It hasn’t been reviewed yet by the writers, but I hope the basic charges pushing around, creating the static charge, etc, is accurate. It was a bit rushed, as production sometimes is, so it’s not as smooth as I could noodle away at it.

As for the bonnie hobbit lass, as I say, if you don’t mind ugly purple jaggies fringing the outline … by all means, have at it! I’m happy you find the narrow kitsch niche of frolicing hobbits so attractive! Sure you’re feeling alright?!? 😉

3. RR - September 4, 2006

Just trying to cheer myself up – elder daughter moved out today – feels weird.

4. greg - September 4, 2006

Today? Wow! I breath a heavy sigh for you … I know ‘weird’ is exactly how we’ll feel next year. My advice: just run “hobbitdance” continually in the background all day! 😀

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