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A mixed bag of seashells July 13, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs, life.

*Whew* Made it back! …slowly settling into “normal” life after an eventful working vacation on the Atlantic coast with my family. It’s always a wonderful thrill to unlock & open the front door to the cottage my parents built on Cape Cod, and smell the bright pine wood, combined with a certain damp mustiness -each one characteristic of the 2 floors – while laying aside all thoughts of the work that needs to be done getting it ready for summer renters. In true Libra fashion I can say it was great to be there for 10 days, and equally a relief and comfort to get home to the Pacific coast again.

What made this trip notable was that it will be our last “young family” vacation together. In a year our daughter will be off to college, and in a few more we’ll be back to “no kids!” We successfully avoided the blood-sucking ticks, and did a good job balancing fun and work. It was good for the kids teenagers to get away from computer and TV. We had a great time at the old Drive-In theater, which I think the Pilgrims built there in 1625. I got one good day at the beach, enjoying a dip in the Atlantic, near where the pirate ship Whydah sank in a storm. A trip or 2 to Provincetown is always mandatory.
The Satellite dish went cock-eyed in the winter storms, and I found it cheaper to switch to cable than get it repaired. Too bad it wouldn’t get installed until after we left. Contractors actually showed up and hopefully I’ll get some work out of them in the fall – but only if I call them every frickin’ day.

Now it’s back to career building. I haven’t touched 3D in over 4 weeks now, so I’d better get going before I forget it. Work is ready for me to go full-time, so getting really into Flash may be what’s it’s all about now … who knows?

Here’s the pics from Cape Cod

my view…


the cozy cottage…


the backshore … nothing ’til Spain

The Hahbah …


my woods in morning …


my woods in evening …


the cottage will soon look like this if the painters don’t show up!


Provincetown: where the pilgrim’s first landed. The huge granite Pilgrim’s Monument in the background, is modeled from the renaissance tower in Florence, Italy (for some reason):


The old post-church/new library, gets a rebuilt belltower …




doggie fun!



finally, that’s me above, by the legendary hedge my great-great-grandfather supposedly planted. My family’s been there a looooong time! We get our photo taken next to it every year.



1. Jackie - July 27, 2006

WB! Looks like a great place to spend vacation! I’ve never been to New England – lived south of PHilly for one year, and we vacationed at my aunt’s ‘cottage’ at Ocean City, MD. Love the salty sea air, the sand crabs, and the surf. The Atlantic is always surprisingly cold to me. Hope you can scrape off all those barnacles so you can work!

2. whatacharacter - August 15, 2006

Thanks Jackie!

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