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Okay what next? June 17, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art, just my blogs, life, other Blogs I like.

Now that I’ve completed my 4th stint of secondary higher education, I realize my shingles keep getting smaller each time ( BA/AA/Certificate …should’ve just gone for a doctorate after High School). I expect if I ever go back again it will be just to get a teacher’s note, with a stamped smiley face, suitable for framing.

I’ve basically shunned the computer for anything non-work related, since finishing up the 3D final project. Blame that on my 17 hour marathon in front of 3DStudio Max, the day before the last class.

Been busy completing the required household tasks that haven’t been touched for awhile, and won’t get done otherwise. The year-long bathroom repair/remodel/headache is finally wrapped up, summer trip plans are made, and all the business of managing the family rental cottage on Cape Cod is near finished!

Soon to rework my website and hone the 3D skills for future hopeful work.

So this blog won’t be completely devoid of artistic merit, below are a couple of screenshots from my animated video, and a cool work related Flash scene that was very enjoyable to create.


Other good stuff happening: Holly has some fantastic photos from France as she completes her Romanesque church tour for her Art History dissertation.

Local artist celeb Jackie has finished her wonderful Mask show, now on display at a Montana gallery.

Elise Tomlinson always has the goods on display!

Me? We’ll see ….



1. Jackie - June 19, 2006

Greg: Thanks for the ad! Hey – I was wondering if you fell off the face of the earth or something – but then again, I see your comments on Elise’s blog, and Holly’s, and mine – so I know you’re still around!

Tell me, being a 3-D graphics designer, do you play alot of video games? Just curious – my nephews who were video game addicts always thought it would be a dream come true if they could design video games for a living. ONe of them graduated with a degree in drama, and has made some home-made zombie flicks. He recently moved to Albuquerque with his new wife, and is hoping to get into film-making there. I think.

2. whatacharacter - June 19, 2006

Just been crazy busy! Well I do like to play some games, some obsessively at times, but I shunned all while in school! It’s a major time burner, and many aren’t worth it. I’m excited at the possibilities in today’s games that combine superior graphics with great storytelling!

To actually design an entire game is nearly impossible to get out, unless Bill Gates is yer daddy. It’s like a writer getting a publisher – slim chances.

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