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It is Done! Finally a UW “graduate” June 6, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Last night wrapped up the 9 month Game Animation certificate program at the University of Washington. On the one hand I'm glad it's over … it ended in a looong slow fizzle, but was definitely worth it, despite the near zero actual teaching that went on the final 3rd quarter (scrolling through pages of tutorial screen shots). But I met some great people … I hope we stay in touch. I got one a job where I work!

Otherwise, I'll miss being back on such a beautiful, memory-filled campus. Having spent just over 3 undergraduate years there, but never graduating (did earn the BA another place, another time), I guess it adds up to 4 years there now. It's official – the UW Alumnus decal is going on my rear window! 😉

The final 3d animation project is near 85% completion – I'll have a link up soon. One would think that a final project should be done at the end, but interestingly I am way ahead of the curve: out of 13 in the class, only 6 have anything coming close to a real animation.

Now decompression sets in. I have a few side projects to work on (plus work) but will be updating Hobbitdance soon, and after a week or so delve back into fine tuning the animation and working on the demo reel.

Driving home from class, listening to "Set the Controls for the {He}art of the Sun" by Pink Floyd – excited for new possibilities …




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