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Use your Cosmic Windex to blot those unsightly Sunspots May 29, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs, life, useful.

As our dear Solar cycle 23 draws to a close, just a reminder that that cycle 24 is reported to be much stronger, peaking about 2012, and commonly resulting in a solar pole shift.

sunsm copy.jpgNot sure what it all means, but should be of interest to anyone following the 2012 singularity factor, e.g. Mayan calender, I Ching, Bible code.

Aluminum foil hats may require a denser Teflon coating. ++++
Ken Wilber is an interesting chap, with some interesting things to say. His site kenwilber.com is a tour de force in Flash design. It is robust and it’s elements are well integrated (and this guy’s all about integration!)! I am still not completely sold on all-Flash sites, as they’re too “hyper,” but this one comes very close. I’ll have to look more into his relective thinking and “Intergral Life Program” (nice use of 3D in Flash design) to see how hyper they are …



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