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Homage to a real 3D master May 27, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

A strange thing happened this past Thursday, May 25th. While reading a 3D tutorial online, I got to musing about an awesome art professor I once had for advanced drawing, at the UW. Now studying animation, I recalled his comments on one of my live model sketches: how I demonstrated great dynamic qualities – a good thing for an aspiring animator, full circle back at the UW!

So, I had to google Everett Dupen, only to find an obituary as the first search result. He had passed away exactly one year ago to the day … on May 25th, 2005!!!

He was 92 (& old when I was at school), was primarily a sculptor, of incredible skill, tho' I had only his instruction in drawing. He was one of the kindest men, and one sensed his masterful artistic ability, and it rubbed off on his students as inspiring.

I figured I'd post some wonderful photos of him at work, taken from his still running website. Today I feel a wonderful link to this man – a traditional "3D Artist" – as I hope to soon become a new media 3D Artist. Be inspired!








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