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Flurry of Activity Preceding the Summer Days May 25, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, humor, just my blogs, life, music, useful.

I suppose my absence from the great web-logged ocean for a month doesn’t amount to much, but it’s given me the time to extend my battlelines, open a second front, and plot my summer invasion of Russia. No worries, I’ll be out by winter …

Actually I *will invade the east* soon and take my family for the first time in 6 yrs to my “ancestral compound” on Cape Cod. My heart leaps to return to the land of the Pilgrim’s pride, where seekers of religious persecution freedom were wont to go … I’ll seek some refuge in the sand dunes, amid the preparations for the summer renters.


I’ve been blessed again with a healthy rental return, which should cover the annual upkeep of the tiny cottage my parents built, and our “vacation.” The settlement from the utility company for the downed (rotten) pole and resulting disconnection of all winter power, was a huge Ibuprophen for a giant headache, plus utilities now get to run underground.

School is over in a week. I’ve been working hard getting final 3D projects wrapped up.


night time warehouse (shot from animation)


attack of the killer pharoh mummy! (sketch from storyboard)

Work is a sweet p/t deal. Tomorrow I’ll put in my first 8 hr day and take advantage of the International District’s fine lunch cuisine with the group.
Hoping for Bento and sushi!
dragon3.jpg if the dragons don’t eat me ….

Despite all the wakky dealings lately … like Black Bears getting tazed in Seattle … I’ve kept the mood up listening to Matisyahu, My Morning Jacket,and Ladytron. ladytron.jpgInternational date line? Let’s end it here!

Yoiks away!



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