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The business end April 19, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art, humor, just my blogs, life.

I’m all for counting my blessings, following my dreams, and developing hidden talents, but it’s always good to to be reminded of the flip-side of the coin. It may be that we all have a curse – the proverbial “thorn in the flesh” that keeps the struggle alive.

Remember, there is no good story without a good conflict. It’s the Ying-Yang that always keeps the times “interesting” for thinking folks. Deal with it.

Work floored me yesterday. Once I opened Flash 8 for the first time, I was dumbfounded at the complexity of it compared to ver. 4 & 5, including the templates used for the company’s educational slide-shows. It got me feeling dismayed and excited at the same time. I thought I could learn this but it might take more time than I have. Did they hire me for my artistic talent only, figuring I was smart enough to pick up Flash quickly? What the HELL were they thinking? It has some awesome potential, but it will take away time from learning 3D Studio Max and finishing up my program, plus developing my own creative projects.

So we’ll see how things go. I may quit, but would rather stick it out as long as I can, and see what I can learn, who I can meet, and pay the bills at the same time.

My curse is too many conflicting interests that vie for my time, and “TIME” is a big factor and a word probably overused in this post. I wish I had more of it, or could buy some back. This blog’s main theme is my “artistic stuggle” with time in contention. Sure it’s a fucking cliche, but it’s *my* blog, and is what I’m dealing with.

At least it’s also possible to see the Tao through the conflict. I realize there’s value in our existence, and all this other crap is just “a fart in a hurricane.” This will always be change and we’re always learning.

Anyone who can say they have “no regrets” in life, either is incredibly lucky, or lived a very sheltered life, and never stuck their neck out. Calculated risk is necessary, and I guess fear will always a partner in that.

I guess I’ll just keep sticking my neck out and see what happens.



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