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Calling Dr. Seuss! Stat!! April 17, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art, humor, life.

I ran across this great story of Theodor Geisel aka Dr. Seuss, who when interviewed and asked “what message do you have for the world?” supposedly took 2 weeks of pondering to come up with an answer. He called the writer back and offered this “We can do better.”

Yeh, so true. I know I could. I’m faced with an incredible challenge ahead, focusing on a new career, a new job, dusting off old skills and trying to develop my talent, but sidetracking is so easy. Career development suffers from poor/interupted time management, while dealing with a stressed and harried family life. Running a household with 2 teenagers, and managing a rental property a few thousand miles away, comes first. I even manage to subsitute actually working at the computer, for the daily distractions of New York Times crosswords (Mon-Thurs pro!), and blog/forums reading. “Just an hour in the morning” … turns into a day.

yeah, yeah … I know, I know … but I had to get these thoughts down here and now. I promised not to let the slackness get to me. I’m still keeping pretty busy tho’! The day’s not over yet … just half over (or is it still half empty, and does that make me a pessimist?)


That inner “mister hitler” usurping my Sudetenland of quality work time, better watch out!

I think I need to set aside afternoon/evening time blocks to draw, model and write. I just need to figure out which days and what times are right for a general organization pattern, while keeping on track with everything else. Eliminating the need to sleep would be nice …



1. doug - April 18, 2006

ah yes, times of transitions … always good for focusing priorities … i woke up this morning with my latest job fantasy sprung into my consciousness and so i am reminded where my passion lies … it may be unobtainable but at least it helps me figure out where my fate is taking me.

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