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I’m weak, what can I say? April 8, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, humor, just my blogs, life, mind, music.

Okay I promised myself I would cool things off here so I can get some major LIFE/ART work done … but I can’t help it. Magic, Music, Time, Internet, Comics … it’s heading somewhere!

Heard a song “Steady, as she goes” coming back from yet another friend’s 40th birthday – a sober reminder there’s no time to mess around, especially with the Mayan Calender is ending in just 2012.

So …had to check out The Raconteurs website – which everyone into cool websites, must see! It’s the coolist. A Jack White project … and he’s certifiable genius.

Then I surf over to Key 23 and this article. Talk about Big Picture thinking! Reviewing the book “The Singularity Is Near” by Ray Kurzweil, the writer links modern psychology, nano-science, spiritual transcendence, and comic’s potent use of sub-symbology, in maybe the bestus Magnus Opus manifestus on the future I’ve ever seen!

Hopefully once my grey matter wades through it more, I’ll still think so! What do you think, anyone?

Comics help get in where pure symbols can’t go. Sub-symbolic sets are communicated through the non-textual clues. Comics are high-speed seepage from the collective cultural construct to the staging area for the subconscious ….

Comics transcend written text. The sketch of Wonder Woman, or Batman, or whatever underwear pervert you choose, thier existence is obvious even if you don’t have the capacity to understand the english in the text balloons. They are showed in situations identifiable based on visual elements as much as by the accompanying text. They exist as entities of information, with a medium complex enough to generate an environment where they can change and grow.

… but read the whole article. It could be valuable! It sounds a lot like TM, but could it help change the world as we know it????



1. Mr Angry - April 8, 2006

A good addition to read along with this is a “self-interview” done by Ray Kurzweil exploring the issues from his book. It’s a long piece but way shorter than the book 🙂

It’s at:


2. whatacharacter - April 9, 2006

Hi – thanks for the resource! I like the review article’s angles & thoughts much better! I’ve read Michael Crichton’s ” Prey,” and its very disturbing look at what nanotech could be capable of …
I’d be much more interested in utilizing whatever metaphysical aspects humanity already has, to achieve this so-called singularity, than re-engineering our biology!
It’s like that scientist who recenlty advocated culling 90% of the world’s population with fucking Ebola, as the solution to allow the earth’s out of control ecological systems to recover! What a heartless dweeb.
… out of control pragmatism in finding “solutions” no matter what the costs, is bad, bad, bad, and unwise too!

3. Elise Tomlinson - April 11, 2006

Heavy stuff my friend!

I just wanted to mention that I thought that website was cool too, though I had a problem with the navigation. Some of the letters didn’t work, or I’d press space bar and nothing would happen.

Am I missing something?

Also, are the digital images like the one in this post your creations? If so you should mention that, as they are quite groovlicious.

4. Greg - April 11, 2006

heavy stuff indeed! Hi Elise! 🙂

You meant that cool Raconteurs site? yeh, I dunno, I didnt use computers in 1981!

Yes, I made all these recent photoshop creations you see, except for Bono and the king images. Thanks for the nice comments … I’ll try to better represent myself in the future! – G

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