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The which is it hour? April 6, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

It’s midnight and I can post again. I hate posting twice in a day, and today yesterday has been a wyrrd one. There’s been alot of soul searching lately as well as blog storming, so all I’ll offer for awhile – whilst I go about getting my art on – is a link to some great poetry I’ve found here on wordpress.

Plus an image I made awhile back, with some photoshop.
additionally the reminder of a great lesson learned lately from an artist friend: eat cheese before bed and you’ll have good dreams. Have a pleasent night and a better tommorrow.



1. raincoaster - April 6, 2006

I don’t know about that. You’ll have VIVID dreams, that’s true. Let me introduce you to Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend by Gardner McKay.


2. Greg - April 7, 2006

Thanks for stopping by! What a find … you really made my day … I can recollect the delicous welsh rarebit me mum used to make. Sweet dreams!

3. whatacharacter - April 7, 2006

Correction raincoaster: you mean Winsor McCay! Garnder McCay is another animal all together!

Did you realize your comment came on the 100th anniversary of animation? See my next blog entry

– Greg 

4. dreamsleftbreathing - August 29, 2006

talk about a small world…or the interconnectivity of all things.
Hi! i was just out for a nice wordpress stroll, exploring my site..making a post, when i stumbled upon, pleasantly mind you, a link i had never click on in a place i hadn’t noticed before. I think the title on this post threw me off, because i’ve been to your site before, seeing as i’m on your blog roll and everything. anyways, i found your site again, and a link back to my poetry, which was very sweet indeed, and surprising i must add. so maybe that’s not a big deal, but the very day you wrote this post, April 6th, is the very day of my son Zebulun’s birthday. wow. i always find those kind of connections rather intriguing. And, i thought i would finally introduce myself. the name’s rachelLynn, nice to meet you. i do find your site words interesting, whenever i make it here. soon i hope to be posting more great poetry, giggle. thanks, really, i love it when people post comments, it makes writing more fulfilling.
and now back to that wordpress stroll…Blessings~

5. whatacharacter - September 1, 2006

Well nice to meet you finally. I thought you very mysterious, occasionally posting some very beautiful poetry , but not revealing much about yourself. It got me thinking perhaps, based on some of your subject matter, you were a high school creative genius! As you have a son I hope you’re not in HS still!

Thanks for finally stopping by, and finding this place interesting … if a bit unfocused. I try being creative. I hope I can post more creatively ….

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