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It is, it is a glorious thing to be a Pirate King April 6, 2006

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Big picture thinking is good.

Jeffrey Sachs is an American economist, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, director of the United Nations Millennium Project (which the USA contributes little to, but hey, we got a war on!), and author of The End of Poverty (forward by Bono!). Sachs has a radical notion that the worlds socio-economic woes are tied together, should be, and can be simultaneously solved together. He thinks singled out “magic bullet” approaches targeting just poverty, or disease, while admirable, are doomed from the start, and ignore the interconnection with wider factors. This is worth looking into … for King George President Bush or anyone …

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While preparing my own head for starting new employment next week, I must reflect upon my recent past. Thinking about the big picture, I recognize my good fortune during this time of unemployment, and realize soon I must abdicate the kingly throne which I have guiltily enjoyed.

The abandon and relish with which I can putter around in my PJs all day, cuppa coffee in hand, living like a King in my own home (my castle) assuages the shame of being an out-of-work male dependant upon a working spouse. But hey, I’m no slob! A KING I AM I AM, nay verily better than a King!!!

Think about those poor old kings of yore, weighed down by jewel-encrusted ermine robes and matters of State, sitting around in drafty castles surrounded by the unwashed! Yeccch! I’d want none of that! No foppish dandy crap for me!

Yeh, suckers, I’ve got central heating, electricity, and microwave popcorn! I need no one to dress me … although some nights, after much merriment, I could use someone to help get me into bed … and while I lack a jester, I still have the world’s best entertainment a click away on TV, DVD, or CD!

I can live in debt like a King and not bankrupt an entire country. I lack many buxom wenches, but one is enough for a modern monogamist. She has given me my heir and is fun enough when not tired from working all day…

So, next week I will give it all up to return to life as a working man once again. It was a fun reign, and no angry mobs are out to get me. My head is still upon my shoulders.

The only regret is no secretary to write my blog for me. kingme.jpg

so what if I have to actually enjoy the company of my own kids and interact with them, clean a crapper and load the dishwasher? I have no servants, but that’s what teenagers are for! I expect once I get back to gainful employment, they’ll be the crapper cleaners soon enough 😉



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