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R.I.P. Layne and Kurt April 5, 2006

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April 5th – I hope today’s sad anniversary is a better day, wherever you are. Also to Jeremy, Justin, Jason, Suzanne, Melissa, and Christopher, even Kyle – our most recent tragic Seattle victims.

A nice timely article on late musicians Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley was posted a few days ago here at monstersandcritics.com:

My response is posted below:

“Great article, but I’m surprised you didn’t wait until tomorrow to post it. Still, the timely focus on two of Seattle’s ‘recent’ tragic losses – and we have our share- is always good to bring to mind. Kurt and Layne’s demise urges more questions than answers … but if it helps anyone escape the hell of addiction or rail against the robbery of human potential, then that is a better legacy to leave. That and some great music.

To anyone who feels caught in the same trap that Layne and Kurt experienced, remember that, tho’ you may not be famous, your loss will surely crush someone beneath unspeakable grief. There is hope. And great music to enjoy in life. Remember that.”

Now hopefully I’ll also “rest in peace,” meaning move forward in life with a stronger resolve, laying aside my shock and dismay – which I hope are better termed qualifications for ‘morbid fascination’ – in the light of recent events. I can’t help but be sensitive to such situations which rob us of human potential. I promise to keep my outrage just smoldering.
Future blogs I trust will be more light-hearted.




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