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Human Potential April 4, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, just my blogs, life, mind.

As I prepare for 2006 to be the watershed year for career building, gathering the streams and rivers of my life events, talents, and education, recent events bring to focus the issue of human potential, and how our life’s decisions have great impact.

Last Sunday’s Seattle Times article on the tragic murders at a post rave party, pretty much mirrors what I summed up here at {He}art + Mind + Body a few days ago:
The killer couldn’t seem to connect, went into “slacker mode” after High School, and smoked a lot of pot and drank a lot. The article – which I couldn’t find published online – also makes the startling revelation that the arsensal the killer carried in his truck, was nothing out of the ordinary for the average western country kid, i.e. it wouldn’t have suprised the Whitefish, Montana sheriff, from his hometown!

One online ST article does say

Experts say mass killers — those who kill four or more in a single spree — are rare and fit a common profile: A history of failure and frustration. Anger. Poor self-esteem. Little social interaction. And a fascination with guns

The killer made his decisions in a steady stream, which led to a twisted view of reality. Ultimately 7 lives are taken away – another decision made. What a fucked up terrible terrible waste!

Now it’s obvious we all can’t be Leonardo DaVinci’s, and knowing we all slack at times, keeping in mind we are literally asleep 1/3 of our lives, doesn’t mean we can’t make the decision to make life meaningful … or somehow appreciate and respect life for what it is: infinite potential! Learn from mistakes. Find love in your heart before you expect it of others.

  • For the love of God, make watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” a required school assembly!
  • Gear up every Politician for combat and put them in a war zone, for annual weekend duty!
  • Once a year send the people in the top 1% income bracket to clean their maid’s home!

I have a new motto/mission statement of sorts, but I haven’t figured out the proper syntax – if anyone wants to help, feel free to use it yourself as well – anyhoo it goes something like:

ART: because life is greater than we can imagine



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