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U2! You too? It’s my fault, sorry! April 3, 2006

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I’ve never figured out their name, and after hearing U2’s ‘Boy’ for the first time in 1982, I realized this band was nothing if not different. In those days Rock was Punk, Metal, and New Wave, but U2 defied all catagories. ‘Irish’ was about all you could say, but that really had no point of reference, except for poetic heart.

I didn’t know what they looked like, but they sounded great & had weird names like Bono Vox, and The Edge, so me and my buddy (with the ‘Boy’ album) *had* to go see them. It was the WAR tour, before Joshua Tree made them big, and all the Zoo TV hype and hoopla, and when “New Years Day” was their only hit. Once we got to the entrance, my friend realized he had lost his ticket. Mark Arm from “Mudhoney” was scalping tickets, but it wasn’t necessary. Heading back to the car to look, we find the ticket 3 blocks away, in the middle of the street, being trod over by hundreds heading to the venue. It was meant to be. It was the best concert I’ve ever seen. Ever, ever …

Once “Out of Control” blasted the beginning, everyone was on their feet. The Edges’ enigmatic guitar sound was perfect, and he’s still the master technician. Bono had everyone in his palm … this was before anyone knew who he was … he was passed around on his back by the crowd with no fear. He lent his huge white flag to us and we passed it across to where ever he pointed, & it never fell. He danced with a beautiful audience girl, and even pulled up someone to play drums. And he sang like nobody’s business. Never had I experienced such a vibe at a concert before. It was so fresh and so different.

This experience led me to actually pray. After the show we headed out, and I paused and asked God to make these guys the biggest band in the world. He just had to! My joke to myself is, if I ever meet them, I can tell them to blame it all on me. *winky grin*

Even though my affection for their music has waned and waxed (mostly) over the years, I was reminded renting “U2 Go Home” of their final 2001 show in Dublin, of the visceral power and passion they still bring to the stage. Though their style changes, the soul and love of what they do is still the same. I am also so pleased that someone like Bono is still a Rock & Roll voice with a social conscience, bringing recognition to big picture issues and having a positive affect. Who else does what he does?

I can’t believe they’re still together after over 25 years, or that this very different band ever made it so big in this world. It’s a miracle! I guess there’s hope for all of us … and a little praying doesn’t seem to hurt.



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