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Mundane is a good escape March 31, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, humor, just my blogs, life.

As I prepare to get off my duff and actually do some painting, I thought I’d comment on how trivial things can be useful amid chaotic circumstances. Rather than fall into the 2% “boring” catagory listed in yesterday’s entry, this is just a padded entry, which, like “Time” heals the wounds of recent distress, and sets the stage for marvelous new happenings!

So before I take a deep breath and get to painting … which BTW I have plans to apply a nice white coat of primer to my bathroom walls, to hopefully get the hellish 8 month repair/remodel completed this weekend, once we get the tile up in the tub recess (any fine art painting will have to wait for after school is out 😦 ) … I will offer up this mundane poem I call ….


What is this stuff called dust
that collects, chokes and floats
about us, weaving it’s bunnies?

On a sunny day it sparkles
in rays that catch tiny particles
spinning in a gravity-defying dance.

Dark nights offer no rest,
like ocean borne detritus it blankets
all that sleep beneath it.

A somber grey hue settles upon
the living and lying, forsaking only
the active agent shrugging it off



1. Jackie - April 3, 2006

Oh boy! Painting…a bathroom, no less. The bathrooms are the hardest rooms to paint – I guess because they are so small. Which is odd – because one would think smaller is easier! Hope your painting weekend was succesful. Glad we’ve got our major painting done . .. just the pile of baseboard trim lies waiting in my garage, until sometime in June, when I’ve got all the pieces submitted for the gallery!

2. whatacharacter - April 4, 2006

Your masks look awesome Jackie. The baseboards can wait!

When the show is over can’t you line them up for another show in Seattle?

3. Jackie - April 4, 2006

Greg: thanks! Well – the gallery in Bozeman wants to keep my pieces for a year. Then they will return the ones that haven’t sold. SO – perhaps in a year I can have a show here! But I can always make new stuff – after I’ve recooped from this show – which I’m not even half done with making the pieces for yet! I used to show consistently at the Art/Not Terminal Gallery. The main drawback there was having to spend a day gallery sitting – which I wouldn’t have minded if there were actually PEOPLE coming in! The most traffic and sales we ever made were at the opening reception. That – and there was a specific person who shall remain nameless who often showed up when I was gallery sitting, and would hog the desk and computer, so that I really had nothing to do, other than read my book or something. Well – I’ll quite whining!

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