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About WordPress March 30, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in humor, just my blogs.

Today’s utterly mundane blog will focus on *this place* It’s new, it’s easy to get up and running, and great new features are being added – like the dandy new ‘spell-check!’ wootwoot!

What it lacks, or as it seems to me lacks, is a community focus. Maybe that’s not the point of it all, and that’s fine. Myspace and others can do that, but it’s dang hard to find a decent blog around here (so I guess mine fits in perfectly! *snarf*).

When I look at Blogspot/Blogger in particular, I find it brimming with fellow artists and illustrators. When I frantically click away on the wordpress upper-right “Next blog” link this is what I typically find:

(this poll is very unscientific)

35% foreign so can’t read it blogs,

25% anti-Porn blogs (is there some focus study going on?),

15% christian ministries,

12% science/technology blogs,

6% sundry businesses,

2% personal “I cleaned my closet today” type blogs,

1% interesting blogs.

Next step: I decide whether to hold on here or add an additional blogger spot ….

P.S. where are all the smilie/emoticon menus? šŸ˜‰



1. matt tolbert - March 30, 2006

Hi Greg,
thanks for the comment. I think you’ve inspired me to post more things. I had given up for a while…I’ve done quite a few paintings/illustrations since the last one. Also, where are you going to school to study game design? I am seriously considering attending the Academy of Art University in the Fall for a MFA in Illustration.

2. Greg - March 31, 2006

Hiya Matt – thanks yourself! I am actually attending a certificate course at the Univ of Washington, in Seattle. I must say it’s thrilling to be back on campus – even for 2 night classes per week – after my undergrad days here as an Art major, many moons ago …

Sadly I’m quite frustrated with the program’s lack of organization, but anythings helps in my situation. It’s a crash course, and a quick fix, and while the air may let out of my sails, connecting with folks like you helps inspire me again!

I think having any kind of further instruction is helpful, so if you can cover the cost go for it! Wishing you success! – G

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