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Kicked the Habit March 27, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, just my blogs, life.

Yep, not once yesterday did I go on the computer, so I guess my
‘addiction’ isn’t too severe! Amazing. I actually managed to compress a
weeks worth of house cleaning and yardwork into one day. Today I guess
I’ll need to fit 2 days of computer work into 1 😉

Artist quotes from David Smith, American master sculptor (1906-1965) :

“I never intend a day to pass without asserting my identity … my work records my existence.”

“If you ask for whom do I make art, I will say it is for all who approach it without predjudice.”



1. Elise Tomlinson - March 28, 2006

Holy Cow, an entire day without the computer…I’ve never thought about it but I think I wouldn’t be able to do that. No email? No blogging? No searches in Google.

Oh My!

2. whatacharacter - March 29, 2006

Hi Elise! Yeh, it’s good to rest the wrists and not think about the computer for a while. As much as I have to be on, and end up dreaming about 3D meshes, splines, and texture maps, a rest day is required! (plus had to tackle all those spring cleaning chores!) 🙂

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