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Character Development pt 5 March 25, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, humor, just my blogs, life, other Blogs I like.

I’d like to think we are getting everything we possibly can out of the Game Animation program, but I see lots of things out there while looking around, and I wonder. Actually I know … that to really get ahead requires a lot of “extracurricular” research and resources … and sitting in front of a computer … doing tutorials …and drawing alot on the side.

So, I guess I’m addicted to the computer now. It can’t just be all about work, so venting in a blog is cool, and there are dictractions like some fun friend’s sites like Lazy Blogger, Moanr, and Weird Nations.

I’m always tempted to search for genealogical research, but I … must …resist. And stay away from video games – I *can* make them soon enough!

I’d like to say how much I appreciate the fine artist bloggers out there, for helping me keep it real, and rooted. It’s about what art is, and what commercial stylization isn’t.

And thanks to my brother for lending me his bike so I can keep my legs from swelling. It would be nice if someone would invent a pedal-powered power source for computers. If I have to be stationary, at least I could enjoy the dual benefits of reducing both my electric bill, and lower extremity blood clot risk!



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