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… and there was much rejoicing … March 24, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art, life.

I am pleased to report my trial excerise in Flash animation snagged me a very decent p/t job with Apex Learning. Apex is a division of ex-microsoft mogul, Gates-buddy, Seahawks-owning, Paul Allen’s EMPire (EMP is what rose from his desire to creat a Jimi Hendrix museum). Perhaps I’ll get a chance to play guitar with him.

Also Hobbitdance, my personal portfolio website has finally got some decent 3D works to show, including 7 animations, found directly here.

(One may need to hit ‘refresh’ having visited Hobbitdance earlier)

There are benefits to being an ‘all-about learning’ humanbean, as there is still sooooo much to learn about 3D with 3D Studio Max. My 9 month certificate crash course is into the 6th month, and we’ve covered LOTS o’stuff, but only scratched the surface. The UW just announced the next program will last 12 months! I feel slightly jipped & pouty… esp. since Max ver. 8 (which we get this coming final quarter) has upgraded some major tools, i.e., eliminating the tedious texturing tasks we kept going over and over …

… well at least I’ll have a nice job somewhere doing it, while them stoodents are still getting edumakated !



1. Jackie - March 24, 2006

CONGRATULATIONS!!! When do ya start? It looks like a good kind of job to have – maybe you’ll be able to test some of the software on your kid? :}

2. Greg - March 24, 2006

Thanks Jackie – it looks like I’ll start in 2 weeks for a 3 month contract, then we’ll see what happens. I get my 3d ‘certificate’ then, so hopefully I’ll be off to other things. The main thing I’m hoping for is to meet other creative types …especially one’s that know more Flash than I do!

I found that when working for a very similar company, the last thing my kids want to do after school is ‘learn more stuff.!’ 😀

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