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Happy Belated St. Paddy’s Day, Spring, et.al… March 21, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art.

The luck of the Scotch-Irish was with me and I’ve emerged from a strange confluence of Guinness, U2, & Lucky Charms. I’d like to write about it all – and I do miss my writing – but to blog about it, for someone who spends nearly every waking moment in front of a stoopid compooter, just adds to my eye strain and aching wrist. I just wish I hadn’t missed The Real McKenzies show in Seattle last weekend!

Thanks to Elise Tomlinson for the heads up alert for the book “Living The Artist’s life” by Paul Dorrell, offered for free (limited supply) to blogging artists. I rec’d it yesterday, and this morning after a head clearing 15 min. of spot zen practice, I ate up the first 2 chapters. It read well, looks like a great work for anyone looking to ‘live the artist’s life,’ and I related to every bit so far … Amen brothers and sisters!

Still in crunch time for final projects. Yesterday I think I successfully managed/completed my trial Flash project, carrying my Flash skills beyond what they ever were before. Yet to see if it gets me the job. Here tis … LINK.
The 3d Studio Max projects still in process of modeling, texturing, animating and lighting:


Warehouse exterior test shot



1. Dio - March 23, 2006

Did you do the drawings for the animation in Flash as well? That’s the one bit that really wound me up. I could never figure their drawing tools out.

2. Greg - March 24, 2006

Yeh, looks like I may not need to re-learn Freehand after all. Basically v.5 and beyond brought in alot of good basic drawing tools. Vector is so superior when it comes to web graphics, for file size and infinite scalability (scale-ability).

However I am a “light/dark” kinda guy, vs “color” … and you dont get the same shade/hilight effects I like from vector. But as color’s an area good to grow in, I’ll really have my chance with Flash.

I think it will be fun once I get past the feeling I’m making glorified flat ‘South Park’ cut-outs …

What version did you try out?

3. Dio - March 25, 2006

It was Flash 4 or 5 I think. I only ever really imported jpgs into it and made cringeworthy intro graphics…

4. Greg - March 25, 2006

*L* I know what you mean. My first attempts were in v.4 and used bitmaps with the “trace bitmap” command, which breaks the graphic up into lots of little vector pieces. Definitely not the best use of Flash!

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