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Fathom this March 10, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art.

This is a character named Fathom. He is a wise & sardonic anti-sooperhero, who sits out on a rock in the middle of the ocean pondering life, a la Zippy and Ziggy. I developed him in 1998, inspired in a Hypnogogic state.

Fathom 1 small

The next day (after the dream), to my amazement, I find in a comicbook rack issue #2 of “Fathom” – a limited issue graphic novel by Michael Turner. I was stunned at the coincidence, but fortunately none of his characters were named Fathom, plus I figured I could get away naming the title “Fathoms” with an ‘s’!

I just colored this recent sketch. He’s getting back on track now having lost all ideas and digital concept files when my original G3 Apple became a very ‘unhappy’ Mac. Hopefully one day I’ll get it back to the Apple store when all sun spots are at a low, and the barometric pressure is favorable, for one last happy boot up. I’ve been too terrified to think about losing all my files and software to a HD failure.
Now I just need to re-figure out funny things for him to say. Here I have an actual prototype introductory page from my old website, containing the only old Fathoms images left, linking to the one silly strip.



1. Elise Tomlinson - March 16, 2006

Hey Greg,
I like Fathoms, can’t wait to see what kind of sooper powers he’s got. I used to draw mean spirited comics about my class mates in high school and someone broke into my locker, found the comix, made copies and passed them around. Even though there were, by all accounts, hilarious, they were never meant to be seen by those I made fun of, nor to hurt anyone.

I felt so bad about it I quit drawing comix until college when I started one called Lesbian Ninja…her nemisis was the c*** lickin cowboy. Seeing your guy makes me a bit nostalgic.

2. Greg - March 17, 2006

Elise- I don’t think I’ve run across any of your toon doodles! Are you sharing any? They sound hilarious!

Your story reminds me of the caricatures I’d draw of the teachers in HS – not mean spirited but very satirical. Likewise, I was mortified to get one snatched off my desk by a buddy, and taken up to share with one of the featured teachers how funny it was … boy did I get a daggered stare! Fort. no repercussions! *whew*

Drawing comics is fun to get into. I was a huge comic book collector as a kid but had to sell them all for $800, amidst some college dire finacial straits (included the first appearence of The Green Lantern!). Hopefully I can develop my ideas alongside the 3D work I’m doing, so it doesnt compete, or drain my time!

3. Elise - March 19, 2006

Wow, bummer that you had to sell your comix for so cheap, but I know how that goes, I sold my saxaphone dirt cheap for the same reason and it was a classic.

Anyway, none of my comix have survived unfortunately, though I do think of doing them from time to time. Good luck with your 3-d work, I’m enjoying seeing your many projects.

4. Elise Tomlinson - March 19, 2006

oops, I mean to use my full name. Sorry!

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