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Dear Middle School Principal, March 7, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

I wanted to write you to address the problems that face both the student and the parents with the increasing technological aspect of homework.

I must say that requiring a school lap top, intranet server connection with school, proprietary software, managing (remembering) passwords, as well as the ability to navigate menus, has been a huge secondary hassle for both my 7th grade son and I. It basically doubles the amount of work he needs to do and introduces a whole other set of frustrations for us parents, and I imagine for teachers too. I am around computers a lot, and even I’ve had homework IT complications I can’t resolve. So far this year I’ve dealt with four major issues that should’ve been so easy to circumnavigate.

Most recently, my son accidently saved over a large homework assignment on the server, and lost it all – after lugging the laptop home to work on a particular program. Now he needs to stay after school to redo it all. I realize this is coping with the modern world, but honestly, it’s hard enough for some kids just to get the work of learning a subject down, without introducing an additional large set of hurdles to jump over. My son does have to work harder than most kids just to keep up, and he (as am I) is discouraged and stressed. Add to this the risks and burden involved having my 13 year old son carrying a $1000 computer home .9 miles, due to the fact we live just barely outside bus service! It used to be a much simpler responsibility to keep one’s homework paper away from the family dog!

Two reasonable solutions would be to design internet server based programs that the student can access from any home PC, and getting floppy drives for the school Mac laptops. Carrying a floppy disc with your MSWord .DOC essay between home and school only makes too much sense!

I realize you are probably quite busy, but I would welcome your thoughts on this matter when you have the time. Thank you.

Freaked out Parents



1. mathmom - March 7, 2006

I can relate.

2. whatacharacter - March 7, 2006

Yes, and you are obviously fast and tech savvy as well, since I just hit the \”print\” button on this one! wow!

I realize \”kids theses days\” know so much about computers. etc., but if the schools could gradually introduce the foundations of technology, rather than slamming them – like I feel is happening – the kids would probably be better at handling this additional responsibility.

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