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Happy March already … March 2, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Creatively getting caught up in 3D Studio Max and it feels niiiiiice … My 2 classes this week moved us forward quite a bit. It boggles my mind how much is packed into modern 3D software compared to 9 years ago. Modeling and Animation is so much easier, but getting ahead means getting your hands on every resource you can and getting into it.

I’ve worked a lot on my very first 3D model “JJ”! Next week his mesh will be skinned & rigged to the bones of an animated biped, and soon he’ll be into all kinds of animated ‘trouble’ I’m sure. I think he’s coming along fine …


Today I was talking with a friend that had been reading {He}art + Mind + Body, who seemed a bit taken aback by the scale of personal introspection I have chosen to share with the WWWhoevers. I figure that what I share from my “creative quest” (as stated in the byline) is offered for the degree of insight into an artist’s life. I write about my artistic achievements as I work on building a hopefully successful new career, and include the things creative folk deal with constantly: the Angels of inspiration, and the Devils of discouragement, and how I cope with them. I can do no less, and getting it off my chest and writing about it sure keeps at bay needing intercessory confessionals to the High Priests of Psychiatry or Pharmacy … so far 🙂

I’ll always toss in a few random news items or thoughts, but I do struggle with keeping this blog only about the professional creative concept, and sticking to objectively evaluated 3D, art and animation. For now I just need to write about what’s going on, and bleed on my keyboard a little.

If that’s too intro-emo-spective for some, then just wait around for more pretty pictures I make, or photos of my dog.



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