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Inspirationships February 20, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, humor, life, mind, useful.

In the effort … more like an heroic struggle … to find … or, well, “quest” really … for that heart stopping moment when the muse of inspiration nibbles on your ear, I have found … actually profoundly discovered (like Columbus) these momentous life-changing epiphanies – 2 vehicles of transport to that land of “some pretty good ideas”:

1) Showering.

2) That sleeping word-thing … I can never remember what it’s called. I keep thinking “Parasomnabulance” but as we all know that’s what picks up crashed sky divers. It’s the state between “wakefullness” and “sleepiheadedness,” before one actually “sleepinates.” … I’ll just look it up again, hoping afterwards I will finally remember it, as I recently triumphed over the word “Dissemblence!” (to dissemble, or cover/hide ones feelings/emotional state)

okay, it’s … “Hypnogogia,” and I have enjoyed some of my best creative ideas in this condition of semi-lucid dreaming. This state is difficult to attain, and is best done when there’s no alarm clock ready to chase away the good inspiring spirits.
The Shower however, is a good all around good idea getter, when searching for any elusive solution. In fact I had to write an ode to the Shower, called:

Ode to the shower:

Oh Shower in mine shower stall
Thou fountainhead of washful thinking,
Rain forth the effulgence of your fluidic inspiration
And cleanse mine hair of coconut conditioner
And mine mind from harmful buildup.
Restore the shine and fullbodiedness
Of this questing cortex and let flow once again
silken tendrile tresses of freshly shamoo’d imaginations.

… one rarely takes the opportunity to use the contracted form of “-ed.”

I imagine there’s a name for that, but I’m too busy trying to remember “hypnogogia.”



1. Dio - February 21, 2006

The Alpha state is a boon for creativity. I get my best ideas there – relaxed, usually walking home from work. The site I’m working on at present formed whilst dreaming – to the point I had to wake up and write it down! I wrote an article on creative brainstorming at ThirdSquare.com – but its down at the moment – I’ll post a link to it later just to bore you. 🙂

2. Greg - February 22, 2006

Often I find dreams aren’t always as good for ideas as they seem at the time.

It’s great that you can walk to work. That’s probably the best mind freshener over mechanical forms of the hustle-bustle commute, which are more aggravating than anything.

3. Dio - February 23, 2006

Ah yes – there’s here’s the link.

Article on Creative Brainstorming

But I find I have great thoughts on the bus as well. I’m currently working on my ‘dream’ project, and its not as interesting or quick as I drempt it was!

4. whatacharacter - February 25, 2006

Nice article. Brainstorming with others is great, as long as there are people with brains around which one might storm.

As a former bus rider, I found I was too distracted by people-watching, and staring out the window.

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