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Well whattaya know? February 15, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art, just my blogs, life.

There’s a new website in town! *finally* www.hobbitdance.com

A new use for an old site, and a re-re-revamped portfolio “gallery” that will hopefully catch the better attention of prospective employers …or at least land me an internship in the interim!

My old Earthlink site was okay, but after a consult with a headhunter, my eyes were finally opened to its shortfall. He basically took me aside and told me things no one had ever done before, having never had a mentor or colleague with a better or more professional an eye (or who cared). Family and friends are great for a good word, but what could they really say, not being in the media or artistic business?

I learned that my resume was good, but bordering on “dated” for style. My old website was hurting the content too. Fer gosh sakes “lose the hobbits!” for it’s not my best work … well okay, the Tolkien stuff is buried now at least, but still can be dug up for fun! mmm … zombie hobbits!

Dreamweaver really did wonders in getting the finishing touches in, namely the scripting of a hundred or so images. It wasnt too hard to learn either. Believe me, after learning 3D Studio Max, no interface seems too daunting. And I still have 23 days left on my free trial!
Perhaps there’s still too much of not-my-best-work on the new site, but I probably won’t know until I call up a kind hearted recruiter and ask for an honest evaluation. Well, at least I now have the videos that used to be non-working links before! 😀
Very happy about that!

If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please let me know!

Next … in search of my logo



1. Elise Tomlinson - February 16, 2006

The new site is a huge improvement Greg, I’m sure companies will be banging down the doors now!

2. Greg - February 16, 2006

Thanks for the good wishes! I hope it works – of course I’ll need to add a lot more to get any 3D attention, but it’s a start.

3. Jackie - February 18, 2006

LOL – the dancing hobbits were good for a laugh! But yes – your new improved site is more professional. :}

4. whatacharacter - February 20, 2006

Jackie – Well I hope you were amused at least just once by the dancing hobbits, even if you despise them now (they’ve been know to have that effect! ) 😀

. Maybe one day I’ll recreate them in mind-boggling 3D! (if they aren’t already too mind-boggling!)

5. Jackie - February 21, 2006

Or perhaps they will haunt you in your hypnogogia!

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