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What did I do yesterday? February 10, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs, life.

Finish redesigning my new online portfolio on schedule? NO!
Happily point prospective employers to aforementioned portfolio? NO!
Continue to work on my 3D projects? NO!
Blog? NO!
Slack off playing games on couch? NO!

What did I do ……. ????

Spent another entire freekin’ day trying to “fix” my Norton utilities! *ARRGGHH!!*

I swear, once I renewed and upgraded my protection, this beast must take up 1/3 of my hard drive and 75% of its’ processing. It’s so drunk with power it must think it’s too cool now to need to check for updates from it’s HQ. But it’s guilty conscience is constantly throwing warnings up all my face crying about the massive risk I’m being exposed to! The fine folks in India are busy trying to help ….

Also, drove my Strep-Throated son around to Drs and Pharmacies. He is doing okay. My cold is better I think, and my sore throat isn’t strep (I hope)!

In other news, my brother’s stranded boat made the papers! She’s hauled out and all is well until he gets back next month from ‘down under.’ His loyal friends have done him proud justice while expatriating.




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