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producing production products February 8, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art.


Developing my Warehouse environment models for class project.

The purple model is a 19th C. brick agricultural warehouse. It will only be texturized on the outside. All the animated action to come will take place inside the blue space.

Designing environments is fun and a learning experience, but the big fun will be animating some bipeds! I got a little ahead with my class work, which is *good* because I'm spending so much time now on my web portfolio, I'll soon be slipping behind in my character modeling.

So… I finally broke open the 30 day free trial DreamweaverMX to complete the web portfolio – and things are moving alot faster now that I dont have to search the WWW to find the best java scripted snippets! …a mighty big relief!

Soon it will all be done … I hope ! As long as I keep this sore throat at bay (the back ache's gone at least). I just took this "Airborne" stuff – a cold alieviator developed "by a second grade teacher." Hope it works … I have class 'til 10pm tonight!



1. Elise Tomlinson - February 9, 2006

NEATO! I’ve always wanted to get into 3-d modeling or animation but just don’t seem to find the time. What is the name of the class?

2. Greg - February 10, 2006

Hi Elise – I’ve posted around a couple of links to the course, and here ’tis:

You’d be a rare gal to admit such interest. Out of 16 people in the program there were just 3 women, and one dropped after the first quarter. OTOH one of the remaining is possibly the best in the class. She’s had proir instruction, so isn’t such a newbie, and is also a real gamer!

Now admit it. Do have any video games you play??

3. Jackie - February 10, 2006

Elise probably plays those Zombie games! (sorry – just can’t resist that running theme for you Elise).
Greg – isn’t Dreamweaver also used to create websites? Is that what you’re using for your web portfolio? Or is this an animation software that you speak of ?
I’m just wondering – we finally but the upgraded MS Publisher so I can work on my website (cuz I have NO interest in learning HTML) – been using Publisher 98 for ages.
Three cheers for the SUN!! :B P

4. Greg - February 11, 2006

Hi Jackie – You are correct. Dreamweaver is the web design program made by Macromedia, who also make Flash for creating animations. Both of these are pretty much the standard in the web design industry.

3D Studio Max is the 3d modeling and animation program I am learning in the UW course. Believe me, after learning to deal with it’s beastly interface, learning Dreamweaver is a piece of cake!

I thought Frontpage was the MS web design software? How does Publisher work for you?

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