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What is burning ball of fire in sky? February 7, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs, life.

After four years straight of daily rain, the sun has finally come out, and the mad glare has sent us scrambling to find our sunglasses. The fresh light helps to see stark reality in better detail.

The good new is that my brother’s boat, which drifted onto the sand and took on some water, was hauled out by some loyal friends. It is still unclear how they became aware of the dire straights, as Doug has trekked off into the New Zealand bush and is incommunicado. I group emailed all the folks from his “e-news updates” for an alternate contact method, and was floored by the response I got. He is a fortunate man to have so many friends! I think that’s one of the best things in life, and am slightly jealous …

On the darker side, I received some bummer news. As my personal debt approaches the national level, the “hipster sweat shop” that employed me in production cycles while in school, has outsourced their manual labor pool. This is discouraging, as it was the perfect temp job. Working 10am-5pm with paid lunches, a livable wage, great coffee, cool artist/musician/actor co-workers, and the best boss who played the greatest alt/indie music from her extensive collection, was too good to last. We’d sit around assembling bookmarks sipping coffee, rocking out, and having the best conversations.

I need to find something until school lets out, but also need to make the best use of this CRUNCH time getting the new necessary web portfolio finished!

Plus the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl in typical Seattle fashion, and I cant seem to wrangle in my “Blog Roll” on the side bar. It refuses to be catagorized and morphs daily for some reason, like the Hedge animals from “The Shining!”

At least I look cool in my sunglasses! B)



1. Elise Tomlinson - February 7, 2006

Bummer Greg, about the job, but I’m sure a talented guy like you will land on his feet! Keep your chin up, and take in some of that mythical fire ball you speak of. Sigh. I miss seeing it myself. So dark, grey, and rainy here the last couple of days.

2. Greg - February 8, 2006

Well thanks! Any encouragement is quite helpful actually. Once I finish my portfolio website I will feel much better about myself and my worthwhile employability. Spring will be here soon! (I hope!) 🙂

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