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The Sound of Chainsaws February 5, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Is what we woke to today, after a huge windstorm swept through the NW coast yesterday felling many a tree and limb. The Seattle Seahawk fan is lucky to have a generator and satellite TV, for their first Superbowl appearance. We were lucky to get through unscathed, except for a concerted clean-up effort today – which may have helped, or not, my already aching back.

I think “Acting class” last week pulled something twixt my shoulder blades (that plus overtime on this stoopid compooter). Our animation class was transformed into an acting class, and our guest speaker had us doing weird miming acts and line delivery. All to better get us familiar with physical expressions needed to create a convincing animated character! It was “cool and unusual,” and just a little embarrassing.

I hope my brother (on holiday in New Zealand & Australia) gets in touch quickly with me, or his anchored boat’s operator !!! Are you out there??? Coast Guard called me yesterday, after the worst winds were over. His poor “Rover” has slipped anchor and is resting on a sandy shallow bottom! *yikes!*

Who will get there first? Vessel Assistance? or the tides?? *double yikes!*

Go Hawks!! 🙂



1. Dio - February 6, 2006

Sounds like it was rough and bumpy out there – good to know you’re OK. Was there a football match on or something this weekend? Is that the Seattle soccer team, the Seahawks? 😀

2. Greg - February 7, 2006

Thanks, we sit on a well drained patch and our tall trees like us too much to give up their ground.

Yeh, our “futbol” as you like to call it, is the kind where players dress up like spacemen/gladiators, and only “kick” the strangely shaped ball for special occasions, hence the kicking “special teams.” Sadly fans here dont have the fun songs you blokes like to sing to your silky-shorts wearing players! 😀

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