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The next Lemmy Riffmeister? February 1, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs, music.

I realize my public image may have been affected by yesterday’s post on endearing LWFCs. Lest I seem to have gotten soft I must unleash the beast of my Metalhead badass self, and offer evidence that I really chew on steel chains and shit lightning bolts … well that was years ago … actually I eat granola and it’s more like thunder now.

Here for the first time (in 20 yrs) are Armageddon (or was it only one ‘d’? – from an obscure music db link) in 2 FREE downloadable mp3s!!



I just found a hissy old tape from a practice session, and digitized ’em. It’s funny to hear me hammering on my ol’ custom Fender Stratocaster, with legendary vocalist David Ezekiel (where is he now?) in a very unique and misunderstood genre. Complete with great roaring feedback endings, and classic metal intros: one a gentle moody guitar, another a messed up double bass drum.

DUDE! MeTaL totally RuLeZ!!

dont mess with me when I’m posing… okay now with a final nod to my youthful bid for guitargod status, I think I can move ahead. 😀
Moving along … my production is ramping up into high gear with the redesign of my website, learning 3D Studio Max, and trying to do lots of concept drawings and mindless sketches when I get the chance, or while listening to the Ramones.
Hey Ho Lets Goramones.jpg

I’d better get busy.



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