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Thank Heaven for little fluffy white cockapoos (LFWC) January 31, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Forget snapshots of my kids. I show pictures of our family dog and “my best friend” Frodo, in honor of the new Chinese Year of the Dog (4703). I’d always been an equal opportunity cat/dog person, until allergies on the part of my SO and future bonnie bride made me give up the best cat I’d ever owned –

(the joke is always me still wondering if it was worth it 😉 j/k honey!).

Ultimately after a couple of kids, we researched “hypoallergenic” pooches, and with the lucky boon of a $500 lottery win, we were destined to welcome our LFWC into our home … and hearts *aww*. I never was a LFW dog person, thinking them mostly yappy and puntable, and put my foot down on at poodles. However this magnificent mutt is a noble hound, and faithful companion during my current extended stay at home.

Frodo’s check up yesterday prompted the Vet to say “He’s not a hard dog to love,” and me to offer this healing balm that is the LFWC. Hopefully, in this dark time of the year, with Taxes looming and economic uncertainty, our 11 lbs. of soft fluffy whipped puppy cream will restore the hearts and uplift the spirits of the whole doggone world!


The “Cockapoo” photo of Frodo above, is now in the genetics database archive of the Discovery Channel (formerly Videodiscovery digital library)

Below, our first day with … is that a dog?


Below: The great white hunter and family protector


(LFWC rentals availible for $50/hr)



1. Elise - February 1, 2006


2. whatacharacter - February 2, 2006

may the joy and sense of wellbeing that comes from LFWC encounters, last the day, the week, the year … a lifetime!

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