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Inhuman animosity of inanimate objects January 28, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in just my blogs.

Gosh, I just hate compooters. I mean they are wonderful and all, but y’know? Renewed and upgraded my Norton utilities, which effectively locked me out for a whole day, like I was a stinkin’ virus! … but 2 good results, I can finally FTP again with the firewall up, AND somehow the kid’s AIM (instant messaging) is completely blocked, and honestly I can’t figure out why. The compooter gods MUST KNOW I need more time myself booted up. Oh well …sorry kids 😦 😉

Windows media player is finally reconfig’d, but everytime I change something & reboot I fear it could be over in a flash – like my poor ol Mac G3 is, and this cannabilized PC was a few months ago. I back up everything I can, but this PC was a severance offering when I got laid off and go to keep my workstation and the unreplacable (unaffordable) software I need. Fortunetly the repairguy could save and ghost this HD to a new one … but my old Mac G3 iss gone for good.

Back up everything you can!!!

Polar bears are so cool when they’re not breathing in your face. A small .mpg snippet of the video I finished doing some freelance editing, is up on my website, but you can see it here. This is NOT the same raw clip that was there for test purposes during my ongoing redesign!

Another friend hits the big Four-Ohs tonight! Where does the time go … ?



1. The Fitness Center - December 20, 2007

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