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Real character development January 26, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D, Art, just my blogs.

It's now evident to me the value of having a web log, and just for personal reasons. Even if the world is swimming in a sea of brackish blog, I can at least take a chapter from "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, and begin the day writing, honing my syntax and pumping up the creative flow. It doesn’t matter what I say – and I most likely will spare the 3 pages the author recommends – and it doesn't matter who reads it, as long as I'm exercising a virtual "pensieve" (from Harry Potter), and transferring out of my noggin and into the bloggin. It helps get me going in the morning. Besides that I can be as self-indulgent as I want.

I usually don't talk about myself much face-to-face with other people. They are usually happy to talk about themselves, and I help them along by asking them questions about themselves. Most folk are happy to go on about it. It's a rare and marvelous thing when some actually takes the time to inquire of me my own opinion. Many are loath to share the spotlight, so it's a big sign of character to offer to turn the tables, but still, I like to ask people about themselves. You should hear me in class. I am easily the most verbal in asking questions. I learn a lot, and like to learn. Tho' occasionally in conversation when the jibber jabber gets into the 4th off topic mutation of divergent minutiae it gets a tad overbearing and one-sided. But not here! It’s MY blogggggggggg! 🙂

Soon I'll be posting my job search update – more of a slog than a blog – and displaying some real cool concept art I've been drawing for my big 3D project. I was up till 4AM in a rush of story development and am excited to think I really pulled a rabbit out of a warehouse … meaning an actual cool story with cool characters to infuse the utterly mundane class "warehouse environment" project. It wasn't originally slated to be anything but a first quarter's practice exercise. Now it's below:
“The Tales of Jacques ‘Action’ Jackson and the McNeil Antiquities Conveyance Warehouse.”

Jacques Jackson



1. doug humes - January 27, 2006

yo greg … so , it looks like you’ve been going about a week? … it sounds pretty positive … so i think it’s a good thing … i was just talking with a busker at a saturday market in nelson and he was promoting his creativity workshops: ….”creativity is a drug i cannot live without” (cecil b demille] ….’creativity begins with relax, enjoy, discover” ….’creativity is beneficial for all, for stress release, for healthy minds and bodies; for all relationshipe, business and personal … it make life more enjoyable , fun, and exciting” … or something like that … so i would agree with your pursuit … of course, having a family takes a huge amount of energy[ i suppose], so that’s a sacrifice … but a little writing every day is a good idea …

enough about you …now i’d like to say a few things about myself … I need to put my music ‘set’ together if i’m going to busk anywhere …so i’m a big fan of creativity too … keep up the good work … jeez, now i worry that i haven’t asked you enough creativity type questions … sorry if i haven’t …oh , i ‘ve been fantiziing about the lonesome slim act … i need a ‘wheel of misfortune’ that a child would spin to select the next song i would sing, but the categories would be things like ‘tragic, short, funny’ or ‘loneome, crying’, or ‘love lost, feeling foolish’ … etc… cracks me up… later.

2. whatacharacter - January 28, 2006

Hey you were the one that “lent” me the Artist’s Way book in the first place, so there is your contribution! Thanks.

I think the first thing you need is “Lonesome Slim” T-shirts. I’ll work up a caricature for ya 😉

Hope downunder is tops for fun and sun (or is NZ “below downunder, and a bit to the side?”). Get any sailing in?

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