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A place where Painters paint, called a Garage January 25, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, just my blogs, other Blogs I like.

I was inspired by fellow NW artist bloggers Elise Tomlinson and Jackie to clean up my “studio” and share some photos. I usually don’t go down there this time of year, but we had a shocking sunny day of no rain, it wasn’t too cold, and the cobwebs needed cleaning up…


Back to the drawingboard. The new homepage design has hit a wall, but as a lesson in CSS I’ve learned a lot. I think I’ll need a different look, so I might dust off ol’ Flash, and break the emergency glass on my Free 30 day Dreamweaver trial CD. As much as I love hand-crafted HTML and bristle at WYSIWYG editors, the time has come to get down and work it work it.

While watching Neil Young’s “Rust Never Sleeps,” I realized Neil is the antithesis of Ted Nugent. I think this has spiritual connotations and figure if I can complete this equation, Nirvana may ensue – Neil Young:Ted Nugent::Michael Jackson:_______ ? *hmmm*



1. Dio - January 25, 2006

My studio at present is a half buried desktop in the shed, maybe about 4ftx3ft of wall. However, its not like it sees any action these days so I mustn’t grumble.

I swear by DreamWeaver, but Flash website’s are fraught with issues. Its very much out of favour with many these days. But then again, game and movies sites make the most of it. I never really got into it. 🙂

2. Elise Tomlinson - January 26, 2006

Hey Dio, you should post some photos of your half buried desktop in the shed! I want to create a page on my site called “the studios of the painters I know” (or, kinda know, as in the blogospherical sense)!

I swear by DreamWeaver as well, I got into Flash for awhile and was having some fun with it and I might do somthing with it again one day but I also like to keep things lean and mean and make sure it works in older browsers etc. That’s why I had to ditch some of the fun DHTML stuff I used to have on my site.

BTW, I love the photos of your studio Greg, groovy!

3. whatacharacter - January 26, 2006

Flash for me is a great means of making cool little animations, otherwise I would have gotten into webdesign. Yeh some go overboard with all the Flash-i-ness!

Dio – yeh post some pics. I really have always wanted to see a Welsh Artist shed! 🙂

Elise – Well, thanks, but I’d say more grungy than groovy 😉 You should’ve seen it before I tidied! I laughed when I saw Jackie’s pics of her studio with the trim lying around …
I wondered what happened to your Flash work. You did some fun things. It’s perfect for doing some visual storytelling on the web (in theory anyhoo). Let’s see if I can even get far enough to make a neat “welcome” animation for my homepage!

4. Dio - January 28, 2006

I’ll try and remember over the weekend – its not up to much… 🙂

5. Jackie - February 3, 2006

Greg: Hey – how come all the cupboard doors are open? Or was that just for the photo shoot? Or didja figure we were all the type who look in your medicine cabinet and drawers when we come visit, and use the bathroom? Thanks for sharing. :}

6. whatacharacter - February 5, 2006

Lol – You’re very welcome Jackie! Thanks for stopping over! Actually its for insurance purposes … and posterity!! 😉 *snarf*

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